BO Liner

High performance paper and advanced coating technology, BO Liner is developed for the lamination process in the self-adhesive industry. Besides having great adhesion, it offers low consumption and economy. It also features a superior surface quality for all silicone systems, with or without solvent. The high dimensional stability after lamination and sheet cutting places this paper among the best Clay Coated papers on the market. Ideal to convey the company brand in an end product.

Paper Type: Couché L1 C1S Clay Coated

Weight (g/m²): ISO 536; 58, 85, 90

Applications: auto adhesives for industry, trade and services


BO Face

Developed for the packaging market, labels and leaflets, Couchê L1 paper (C1S) BO Face provides an excellent surface for the various printing systems. Its high tensile strength and high opacity are also important properties for lamination and conversion processes. With a strong technological base, the product is the result of an efficient blend of fibers in its formulation and coating. Above all, it offers high-quality in the presentation of the products destined to the final client.

Printing systems: Flexography and offset printing

Paper Type: Couché L1 C1S

Weight (g/m²): ISO 536; 80

Applications: packaging industries, labels and leaflets

BO Max Eco

Alternative Offset Paper

Eco-intelligent from the beginning, the BO Max Eco paper consumes 50% fewer trees and 40% less water. And more: it provides excellent whiteness, opacity and resistance on a printing and writing surface. Of high thickness, it gives a reduced weight to the product without affecting its performance during the use.

Produced from an ideal blend between TMP and Chemical Cellulose, it is suitable for the production of labels, leaflets, notebooks, envelopes, or for the various data printing required by Offset Paper technology. A sustainable product, it is ideal for receiving the most inspiring printing of texts and images by the final customers.

Printing system: Offset

Paper Type: Alternative Offset Paper

Weight (g/m²): ISO 536; 50, 54, 60, 70

Applications: Industries and final market.